Sunday, July 16, 2006

God's secret love

Does God secretly/ not that secretly love mad people?

The prayers that I see getting answered are often the zaniest. Consider the latest, came true this evening:

"God, why doesn't my cat get 'tranquilized' in my presence like Fudge, my dear pal Tani's cat? And why would my unnamed cat of several years not join me on the prayer rug like the very spiritual Fudge?"

Now Fudge is this little kitten Tani was bringing up - and it reportedly was spiritual and therapeutic. It lent me an air of notoriety when my presence started dozing it off. Either I am boring, or I am "peaceful," Fudge can tell when it speaks English. But what we enjoyed most was Fudge joining us in prayers. She'd claw and bite the rest, and get a little mad-dancy... but on my prayer rug it simply dozed off.

Among other reported miracles of Fudge is also mood-alleviating and flu-eradicating presence. I can tell you the kitten had an intense stare and it *did* exude a certain peace and exactitude.

Now what does exactitude mean I know not, but God has put that word on e-paper through my keyboard pen so I will not re-word!

Anyway. My unnamed cat listened in to my prayer. I was a bit - ummm - today. It gave up its usual "Got Milk?" campaign and sat pressed to me. This cat is a stray cat of once-upon-a-time, with the apparant assumption that we live in its home - humans! humans! - so this graciousness is a little... overwhelming from this attitudinous cat.

When I did realize, in the middle of my sitting barefoot on grass reading a book routine, the warmth of its/her* presence, I felt mildly surprised. And I felt a little un-ummmed. This cat is also therapeutic, I registered.

And then minutes later it joined me on the prayer rug, stretching properly. It slept immediately. I stepped off the prayer rug, and prayed on the grass, partially. Oh, and, I do pray in the lawn, amongst bird songs and cat meows. That is the nature of this animal, me.

I wondered during prayers, "When is God listening? And how come He listens to the maddest of prayers and wishes? And if He does, have I been mad enough for Him?"

For I am certain that when I am that mad He would accept me all; for I am certain that God has a love for unusual things, and the madness of wakeful humans.

* Aside: Why on earth have I been thinking of this cat as an "it-cat"?

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