Monday, September 01, 2008

Let God Be

I want to remind you of a truth that you knew:

That to ask oneself, "What if?" is not only futile, it's destructive. There is no "What if?" There is nothing that you could do better, worse, more, less, happier, sadder that what you did! All Existence exists as is! At once! Anyone who looked at a satellite map of the world should be able to envision this. It's not an airy spiritualism. It's the truth as it is!

Everything exists at once! You are in Eternity! You are connected to it! You are within it!

Now, please know, should you insist upon knowing: NO YOU COULD NOT HAVE DONE ANYTHING DIFFERENT IN THE PAST! What kind of a futile imagining it is? How could you be anyone other than who you were? Whether you make your decisions blindly, lovingly, foolishly, gallantly, happily, absentmindedly, under influence or threat - the thing is that you made them in a position where you were who you were at that time.

You live with yourself. That is the key for you to understand. You live with yourself. There is no heaven or hell out there, it is in your heart. What does that mean? Consider this statement not as though you're still thinking of a place, and now that is a little microscopic Disneyland in your heart. The truth is that it's not a Disneyland at all! It is your heart!

A heart at peace is Heaven, a heart at constant disagreement is Hell.

But I must tell you the larger Truth: which is that whoever concerned themselves with Heaven or Hell will always find themselves in these places. The master of their Self does not even bother. Do you understand?

Here is the key to the Truth: DO NOTHING. Which means, do not go on creating new circumstances. When circumstances arise of Divine Will, respond with a graceful Human Will.

Can I tell you an even larger Truth? Forget about what I just told you! Remember Me! Remember who you are!

Resist nothing, and you will see what is to be seen. Wish for nothing, and the Divine Wish, of which your soul is aware, will fulfill. Let God be.

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  1. this was just what i needed remmie. very nice piece!

    Bless you! :)