Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I am.

My advice?
The truth, of course, always the truth! As it is - without the pushing and pulling of fear or desire! Enfolded within every form, my friend, is the destiny of that form. If you suppress it, it will be.... suppressed, for a while. But it does not annihilate. It is there, waiting to be unfurled at another moment. And it will. That is the destiny of Truth.
Prophecy, in the depths of my heart, I have always wanted to be in a position of grace from where I do no meddling with the world. As a child, I actually enjoyed living this way of life - so I am fortunate. I remember.

Yet all these labels, all these descriptions of fortune and misfortune - all these are so divisive of Being - rather, perception of Being, for Being is not concerned with division.

I am who I am, Prophecy. I am.

You see what is happening to the world? The Truth is unfolding, which only bewilders the clueless and the clingy - please do not partake in this crowd, interesting as it might be. The Truth is setting itself free. Step out of the way. Or rather, stay where you are, and do not get in the way.

Have you not found peace and serenity where you are? Soon you shall see what you shall see.


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