Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, today is an unusually quiet day. The air is warm and still, the birds are chirping, yes, but other sounds are still. Something is not quite right. I have found my mind talking and slipping back & forth again. Perhaps, it is the mind? I am not in a place where I can afford the waste of the mind activating.
My space is now in silence. So. Let's see!
But I want to share! So here it goes: I am delighted that the work that I am doing for youth is getting support. Just as miraculously as it had to be. Allah bless the kind souls who come forth and join hands!... Kind souls have certainly sprung up to support my spontaneously. So I thank God!
And now I must thank God for something that is quite annoying me: Anger! Jealousy! I swear - I never really thought I'd feel these feelings. I've often been told I have a "good skin." But of course. I wash my face with water all the time, but above all, I keep my heart clean of grudge and mean thoughts!

But right now - oh my God! I am so plain jealous.

Yaar listen, one has to live the truth, eh? You say, "honor your feelings." Now you know you're angry and jealous. Superb! Honor your feelings. (LOL!) I mean sorry I laugh at your misery. But what does it mean?

It all means that you are being asked to clear your heart out completely. These feelings are like the mice scurrying about in a dark room suddenly lit up. So in a way it's not the mice that's the issue at all. Know that they are exposed, and delight in that.

But let this not be a philosophy or a mere insight. You know what to do. Give yourself 30 minutes of quiet solitude. Ask yourself, what exactly do you want? You know you will get whatever you want. Don't play with your intent. Be ready for it to manifest, darling girl.

Do this, and the mice will vanish.

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