Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Three Levels of Certainty

There are three progressive "Levels of Certainty:"
  1. Certain Information
  2. Certain Witnessing
  3. Certain Experience

What do these levels mean?
1. One has absolute information about something - its' academic
2. One sees it with their own eyes
3. One experiences it

Most people remain at the very first level. At that level, one can always read more, talk more, "learn" more. Education to most means learning more and more.

It eventually begins to wear us down, because what we haven't seen, and only read/ heard/ imagined about, begin to tax our ability to visualize it, to live it. And of course, what we have only seen, creates a longing in us to experience it. So too much intellectual knowing, and seeing, and not enough experiencing creates delusions and frustration.

The highest form of certainty is through one's own experience... or being the experience.

It's like there is a movie playing in a cinema. At the first level, tens of thousands of people hear about it. On the second level,1000's watch the movie. On the third level, there are only a few who have participated in the creation of the movie.

These levels are not equal.


I often have the best of my insights, or eloquent recollections of learning, emerge during conversations with people. Most often, the conversations are with fellow travelers on The Journey. What comes forth from consciousness during these conversations is often the best way of learning and teaching for me. I am now recalling and recollection parts of these conversations, with additions and subtractions for clear communication in the written form.

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