Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eff off!

Been seeing more of these strange strange strange practical dreams.

Oh I loved the one I saw this morning. I was given a piece of paper with some info by someone who meant to annoy me. I tore it into half, write "F*** Off!" on one half, and passed it back on. It's the dream version of a real-life plan. I am glad that I achieved some kind of resolution in the dream. Oh really - some folks deserve to be kicked wherever we see them - even if in a dream.

Don't worry my dear Bloggie! I'm not a foul soul - I've got a big big heart and if I *am* angry at someone, they must more than deserve. They have certainly earned it. Could you believe, Bloggie, that there are folks out there who do this kind of stuff? Nah... don't believe in such things. They exist, but to believe in them is to validate them. Right? I dunno - that's the spiritual conundrum.

Well, Bloggie ma dear - you should *know*. At least you should be trained to deal with novel situations. Our minds ought to be prepared!

But I'll tell you about my dreams, again. I must say - usually - my dreams are very dramatic. Beautiful. Fantastic. On a very large scale. I see entire cities, visit strange places, get information, do reflection. I've seen ornately decorated palaces, seen amusement parks, traveled in time, and found myself in fanciful landscapes. I've seen thematic hotels (with a Volkswagon hanging at the front) while I stood by the road that seemed to be self-controlling traffic by shape-shifting, shopped at desolate-looking malls full of fantastic merchandise, and seen myself in a wonderful lab of radios buzzing. I've got warnings and alerts about relationships, been in monasteries on sun-drenched mountains, been directed by holy figures. I've been interrupted during a stroll in the ancient bazaar of Baghdad to get a flip-chart presentation on my dental pain. I've attended the pre-partition (of the Indian subcontinent) wedding of a Parsi family, where all women were dressed in gold-embroided saris. I've driven trucks and fanciful vehicles in remote, haunting landscapes.

 I generally see people-less dreams - or do not get in contact with people.

Yet it appears this is no longer my dream world - but something from the past. Of late, my dreams have come down to earth - they are immensely practical and solution-oriented. For one, I have been receiving a lot of e-mail. And design solutions. There's someone who keeps sending me stuff and discussing about it. I meet people about whom I keep "getting" strategies. If my sixth sense is tingling about a person in real-world, the dream world actually takes me around to show what they are up to.

So anyway - Bloggie - this other day, rather MONTH - I was writing a post about the function of dreams which I lost in the mountains of stuff I keep writing. I'll share more later.
Just gotta tell you I am so entirely satisfied about telling that "F*** off!" thing! Aren't you happy, too?

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