Friday, April 27, 2007


... And to finish my previous thoughts... Prophecy, never make your heart tender for wrong-doers. Remember they intentionally take advantage of this.

What you truly need is to know the intention of your own action. If you are selfish, and want to appease yourself, stop yourself.

If you have been harmed, stop the one who harms you.

Remember, you are only the master of your Self, not the Owner of your Self - that right is of Allah alone and no one shares ownership with Allah to Whom all things return.

Therefore it's your duty to protect your Self. Do it with courage and character, and do not be afraid or tender. If you do not stop a person from doing ill to you, tomorrow they will harm another. Remember what the sages said: A dog can differentiate between Good and Bad. Only a refined human can differentiate between a good and a lesser good, or a bad, and a lesser bad.

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