Thursday, August 28, 2008

Counting the Beans

My fearful Prophecy:

Counting & counting & counting is an attitude. It does not matter whether what you are counting is a virtue or a vice. What matters is the essence of your action.

Counting, my dear, closes things. Close things do not grow. This stage is of opening. Open!

To those with the first degree of sight, counting is limited to material. So they conclude that it's counting such things as Money which is an obsession and a flaw of character. Those who perceive subtler things frown upon counting Time.

You, Prophecy, should now remember the even subtler deception: counting of Virtue.

Do not, my worrisome self, concern yourself with Eternity, for you already exist within it. Do not calculate the ramifications of your actions. Surpass that stage where you think you are accountable to the blind who insist upon de-fabricating everything. Or rather, do not pander to your own internal bean counter, and all such people will vanish from around you. They are simply your road signs, your warnings, your reflections. Honor them.

Don't ponder upon your own inability to understand what good are you? Who knows? Hu knows!

This is the world of impermanence. This is the space of shift. Everything alters too quickly for you to calculate every thing. And there is no use. What are you going to do with your results? Will you certify yourself? Or will others, who have the uncanny knack of being very timely dis-interested in such matters?

Shed off making meaning. Perceive the meaning there is. In-joy the process!

I love you; and wish you the Best.

[Written on August 28th, 2008]

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