Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm a Lover. This is My Way.

Dear Prophecy

Allah's Design is astounding. To come here you had to close your heart. It is uncharacteristic of you, but it was required to get you moving on from a certain stage. Love, my dear, is by principle open. To draw nearer, open up your heart. Again. Be vulnerable. Enjoy this. You have forgiven. That is a state of ego.

Now seek forgiveness! Can you reach out to those who you must connect with? Can you shed your identity and your involvements behind? Can you, instead, just be truly human? Can you extend your right hand in cooperation and in love?

Can you lose your sight and see through Allah's Eyes? Can you quieten your inner voice and hear through Allah's Ears? Can you drop your arm and work through Allah's Hand? Can you stop your footsteps and walk with Allah's Feet?

You can. You will. For from here onwards, this is the Way to Reach Love! Give love. Seek to connect. Drop your residual agenda. Submit to Allah. Live through Hu.

(Written on August 24th, 2008 in my diary, as an inspiration hit me.)

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