Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dear Kind Soul:

You deserve peace. You deserve gentleness in your world. It will come from within you.

The time to shake off the unenlightened has passed. Now is the time to pick them up again, for you have gained your strength again by distancing yourself.

Overall, this is a time for closure and completion to begin. You shall clean your heart in preparation for its worthy Resident.

To start, you must intend to go through the process with commitment and joy.

Then you affirm that you are kind and open and giving. Then, I suggest, you must write. Write letters. Communicate to seek closure with people. Worry not about the outcomes, do your bit. In seeking closure with situations, take quiet time out. Rest your attention on the matter, and ask yourself for a resolution. It will come, simply because it's meant to.

As for that which you cannot handle, seek closure through Allah. Do your bit.

It's important to tie the knots now in order to move on. The Universe needs to come together, so it will boldly conspire in your favor. Actually, may be it's you who are conspiring in the Universe's favor. Do so by submitting to the Design, and to help any other soul that seeks closure through you.

Arrive at where those who choose to arrive must arrive!