Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look Within Your Heart!

My dear woman,

Neither in the tomes ancient,
Nor in words of women and men wise -
Neither in the prayers of the kind,
Nor even in the warm embrace of lovers...

At some time, not even in the spirit that protects you
lies God within.

When you come so far,
Then no further shall you go.

For now there is no going back or forth,
North or South, East or West.
Stop and look now within your heart,
Where always, ever God does rest.


Dear Prophecy:

You feel dismay? But of course! Enjoy the feeling, and surrender to it, so it shall reveal its secret. It tells you that you indeed shall not get anything from anyone at this moment. It tells you, in other words - there are always, ever, other benevolent words we grasp hardly - it tells you that you have reached the point where you must now find the remedy within you!

You won't see anything if you look around, for it is the moment to look within.

Look within your heart, my dejected self, look within your heart! Celebrate your dejection - it is a sign post! Look! Look! Look Who's coming to stay within!



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