Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Change Other People

Well Prophecy, I can at least share my heart's secret with you?...

I wish to be liberated from non-listeners.

And now - hah! - now that means that if somehow, somewhere I do not listen, then I must. The Universe will then remove non-listeners from around me.

It's very curious, this spiritual method: we cannot change others. But we can do something very interesting... we can change in us what we wish to change in others. So, for instance, if we think other people are rude, we can remove the corresponding attribute from within ourselves. It can either be rudeness or excessive politeness. Removing that from within us corrects our Universe outside.

The Universe is a system of dynamic energy... its operations can also be understood by observing how chemical reactions work. (Pause: Why are they called reactions?) Notice how some elements are programmed to attract others. Or in thermal dynamics. Notice how if air turns too hot by contact with heated earth, it must rise, and cool air will rush in to take its place. There is a dynamism in relationships in the world.

We master the dynamism from our own end; from deep within ourselves, by gaining the correct perception that our Universe extends outwardly from US. Think of yourself as a shiny crystal ball with a lamp inside, radiating rays outwards in a very dark room. What you see in the room is what is coming from within you. Keep your internal fire alight, keep the surface of your crystal polished. And to change the scenery outside, modulate the display of the light within.

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