Tuesday, April 12, 2005

215 suggestions - note to self

Before I made a cheeky digression and laughed all the way through it, I was going to blog the following thoughts. A few suggestions on how to dedicate the zakat.

There are several selfless things that one can do to pay the zakat on their time, knowledge, physical and human resources. The best thing in the world will be to spend this zakat on what we like to do most. Do something of interest.

We can solve an issue and present its solution to the interested people - this can be a solution to the waste management issue, a better way to solve mathematical equations, calculation of cell phone tarriffs for a consumer protection group - anything that uses the idle mind to solve an issue. We can help someone out with their academic research (i.e. as a voluntary assistant, not their cheat help). Or help an ailing tree or plant. Maintain a public facility. Set aside time at work, study, or home to think how to do a certain task better, and then doing it. Give members of our interest group a tour of our private libraries and gardens... Even listening to a neglected person may help them. The point is just to make use of our extra resources and share them with others with a selflessness.

The essential thing is that whatever we do, it must be selflessly used for the benefit of someone from whom we do not expect a direct gain. In other words, we make the world a better place by using our idle resources. Whatever way one wants to put it.

My ardent desire is that we can somehow increase the influence to a larger social circle. And the solution might be as simple as doing things right in our immediate surroundings and tackling one issue at a time in our zakat time, with our zakat resources.

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  1. How about using some of those extra resources to create the better pizza or better cheeseburger? That would definitely be a service to mankind... :-))