Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I calculated. In a year of 360 days (ease of calculation; sounds more financial), a little over 215 hours will pay the zakat on the time. As in, 2.5% or the 40th part of 360 days is 215 hours (216 to be precise).

215 hours of service without pay and expectation to someone or some cause that can pay us back nothing but satisfaction and all those things the heavens promise but we haven't seen but why do we care to see if we make our earth a bit more heavenly anyway!!! *breath, breath*

What goes round, comes round. A belief in this is enough to start a little motion that will perpetuate to form a never-ending heaven. Ah, I think I had seen a movie with a similar idea and a rotten contrived end. Pay It Forward was the name? A person does a good deed to three people and they pay it forward to three persons, and each of those persons reach forward to three more persons... It was a good idea. Perhaps it an be taken up per se?

Anyway. I am not going to worry about how to start or rally others to my idea. All I am going to do is to allocate 215 hours of my time, all accounted for to ensure the integrity. Certainly, some good will come out of it.

[36 minutes a day would achieve the target.]

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