Sunday, April 10, 2005

It was so lovely yesterday

I realized I do enjoy peace. Tranquility. Space.

Yesterday, I reached the Academy earlier than scheduled. I thought ok let's pray here. Someone brought me a prayer rug and I found a quiet room. White walls. Silence. And only my sounds echoing. I began to enjoy it aftr a while. Not sure whether it was okay to say the prayers out so loud, I did so anyway: vocal and resonant. The sound bounced off the walls. It seemed as if it chanted with me, right after me.

I loved the space. I realized I do enjoy peace and a quiet afternoon. Undisturbed, doing just what I like to do. No time lines.

It reminded me of the lovely, serene British Council and the slight hustle and rustle of crisp pages. The buzz of muted conversations. The occassional sound of the photocopier and the swinging shut of the glass door.

When the class finished yesterday in the evening, we lounged and chatted seated around the tables. A lavish supply of tea accompanied our conversations. These conversations are sometimes a drag, and I am beyond many of the topics discussed. I am wary of whining and problem-descriptions and cynicism and arm-chairing life. And I was thankful for the occassional word of wisdom, whle I secretly wished that I finally put to practice what I keep learning. Enough knowledge and little action around the table, while tea flowed and conversation errupted in small circles in the peaceful atmosphere. The air remained cool while the sun shined, and I was happy about that one prayer I was able to say in peace while I mulled the possibility of an open-air salaat.

It was a brilliant Karachi evening, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you Allah Main for small pleasures. :) Alhamdolillah!


  1. The key to attaining peace is understanding that it comes from within. If you seek "chaotically" all you'll find is chaos and lose control. Once you accept and master this tenet, you'll find an answer to the enveloping chaos and establish control of your life and self relative to the universe. Harmony. Grasshopper. :-)

  2. Err, Pat Morita..."The Karate Kid" (one who seeks answers...)