Monday, April 18, 2005

Ramla the doll!

Can you buh-lieve it! I have been honored by a doll made in my name. Aye, a doll Ramla has been created in my honor. Thank you, thank you. But did they have to do her up in a Sawahili fashion?? I will bring this up in our next meeting with the doll-makers, or I am walking over to Mattel! :P

P.S. I was interviewed by a group of documentary-makers yesterday. And it took me a while, as usual, to explain my name. I was like, "Ramla - as in the Palestinian-Isreali Ramla! R-A-M-L-A, Ramla! It means the Prophetess in Sawahili!" I quickly came to, anyway, and realized it wasn't a documentary about the etymological roots of my name. But hey!!!

1 comment:

  1. and a cool $125 per doll......... not too shabby ;)

    btw, what is the royalty percentage..... i hope its more than 0.0000000% :P