Thursday, April 28, 2005


Damn. Watching the American Idols sing last night made me sure of two things. Scott is going to get a ton load of votes despite the absolute determination of judges to get him kicked out. One, I thought he sang a song that connected him well with me, for the first time. He was who he was. Then, whenever the smart-ass judges unanomously turn against someone, the votes turn in the favor of the poor chap.

Poor chap no more!

Second, I had a nasty feeling that either Constantine or Carrie are going to see the door. Trouble with Carrie is that even if she took a steep plunge, she still had a high rating to start with. And I have a feeling she will NOT make it to the final. She has taken a dip. And she seems to be losing stamina

Constantine, however, wasn't good. As the reviews said of the earlier episodes and after his "shocking dismissal", he had begun to "act", not "be".

Scott earned my respect for the first time yesterday. Seeing him sing "Dance with my father," I realized that news say this man has been through a lot and he's struggling to keep his chin up. Last night, I would have voted for him. At least he won my respect.

Antony was also "safe".

Way forward: Carrie must watch out. Somehow all the singers are blurring the distinction line, perhaps because of too broad, too unfocused themes. I don't see anyone standing out or trying hard enough. Ironically, it is the "bottom three" who are trying: Antony, Scott, Vonzell.

The themes need to get more specific. And if the judges want Scott out (seems unfair now, I really am beginning to appreciate his genuineness), they must PRAISE HIM.

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