Saturday, April 30, 2005

Theme for American Idol

Ok, yeah. I am a reality TV fan. And I'm going to talk about American Idol. (Quest for beauty!?)

So what is it with American Idol's loser loose themes? From the millennium till 2005! I mean who ever says the M word now? It's ohhhld! So Y2K!

May 8 is round the corner. It's Mother's Day. The Tuesday after, contestants may sing on the theme MOTHER. Fine, just a bit better than lame with two legs, this is a theme! Or at least this is how a theme can make sense!

We see why the producers want to keep AI themes broad, catering to diversity which is what AI4 seems all about. We thought of broad themes last time Jon Stevens was struggling with - hell! - every genre, but from Y2K to 2005!!!

Give them FREEDOM.
These sound like themes. (Readers, chip in!)

Anything that sounds better than, "songs from the year you were born in!" Shite, thoughtless American Idol producer! Busy shooting commercials and huddling with the lawyers, eh!?

Puh-leeze! There is a difference between AI and Antakshari!

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