Saturday, April 16, 2005

Great men

With the permission of the greatest guy in my world, I am going to blog about some other great guys!

Constantine MaroulisConstantine MaroulisFirst up on my list is the Constantly Cute Constantine. Yup, that's the guy I think should be the next American Idol. No one else really matters to me! (And I still can't recall who he reminds me of, but I am afraid it was a girl. Anyway.)

I have found Constantine's "astonishing" rendering of Bohemian Rhapsody
here. Thanks to, we American Idol fans can play it again! Previously, I found Fantasia's equally marvelous performance of What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? on Search up the archives. It's awesome! I have saved that song up for a special occassion, and once you listen to it, you'd know why.

What are you doing the rest of your life?

^) & (^) & (^) & (^) & (^) & (^) & (^
Second. Leonardo da Vinci - the man who's inspired my thinking in a major way. I can mirror-write, write with both hands - and that's the least of what I emulate in Leo. Though he is not who I picked my strange habits from, I am certain he influenced the general literature which inspired me to experiment with the many strange things we can experience with our many senses.

Last fall, on a very special day someone very special gave me a book about Leo that I keep by my bedside. The book's titled How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci. It's a practical guide on how to think like the master thinker and inventor Leonardo, and I found some of the stuff useful in my acting classes too. The key thing is about opening up to the eternal now. It's a special gift - and for sentimental as well as logical reasons (how could a Leo fan have it any just one way?) I keep it by my side when I sleep.

Today, April 15, is Leo's birthday. Thanks to the fantastic
Google that never forgets to put up an image for special days, I have remembered to blog this! Google's day theme for Leonardo da Vinci's birthday (April 15)


But I did foGoogle celebrates Van Gogh Birthday, March 31rget to blog Vincent Van Gogh's birthday. Once again, it was Google that reminded me. As I wrote
earlier, I was a great admirer of van Gogh after whom I have named my blog A Lust for Life. I have, however, distance from him lately because I do not want to make personal heroes of those who died at their own hands. Having said that, I am finding myself falling in love all over again with the post-Impressionist genius.

Lately, my (amateur t-mobile) photography has been inspired by him and other post-impressionst painters. One day, will share my photographic adventures on the pages of Quest & Lust.

Guess what. My mother expected me to sleep well and early. How can I lust for life if I stay up so late each night? This is certainly going the way of van Gogh. (I am afraid I can sound only this sophisticated at this hour. Bring in my admiree # 4, Freud.)

Got to go! These men rule, as well as the men without whose support I would not be taking this much interest in my life. (Father, brothers, uncles, K - thanks!)

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  1. Ah, seek men of greatness, do you, grasshopper? :-) Then seek men who have no secrets, you must. Otherwise you shall find men of great achievements but not necessarily great men.