Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I is happy! *Chuckle*

I'm happy happy happy happy happy!  

No reason. None none! Just happyyyyyy!  

Thank! You! God! 

P.S. OK: there is a reason. I is no longer be needed to carry the weight of the world! I is free! People is awakened!

Good morning, people! You took so long to wake up, the Universe had to ring all sorts of alarms! From the world of finance to the earth right beneath your feet, everything has been shaking you out of your stupor! 

Let's get up and going! NOW.   


  1. :) What actually happened? Is it just one kick that u need to get or one knot that untied? Stay blessed, i liked a lot what you write i seea lil bit of myself there.

  2. Just happy that it used to take so long and so much to convince people to act benevolently - otherwise the planet and ultimately they would suffer as a consequence.

    Particularly with respect to environmental behavior! Now I don't have to exhaust myself painting scenarios. The results are in for all to see - and I reckon people are shifting their behavior.

    One can hope they will all come on board quickly!

  3. Then this should cheer you up even more, if you don't know it already.
    Obama is nominating Dr. Chu, a Nobel Prize winning physicist to be the Secretary of Energy. And he is big on alternative energy :)

    Ya Haqq!