Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reason to Stay


Life is but an instance of a wave's separation from and return to the
Ocean. It is too much of me to presume that I shall live until the
morning to tell of what I learned this evening - a stunning, marvelous

I discovered it as I was writing this evening. Over the hours till
midnight when I spent a few moments gazing at the star-filled sky, it
grew as a well-integrated revelation. I marvel, as usual, not on just
what I learned, but in the manner that it came about. I am as yet
ungrateful for it superficially, but my heart is on to connecting that
next, that very significant dot! With it, I hope, comes the Gratitude
that shall set me free! I be-lieve in it!

Ah, look! Here I have told you the whole story about the story whereas
all I was saying is that I cannot even grasp the entirety of my
realization in words tonight.

I am still writing; and a moment ago there was yet another door unlocked!

But let me stop here just to say: I am presuming that I shall have a
tomorrow to finish transfering the thought in words. Yet I intend to
live that much longer.

We live to fulfill our debts, did you know that? Except, of course,
the very unfortunate who die indebted. And then there are debts we
still carry. I don't know the difference between what we pay back and
what we carry forth other than that I sense there must be some - of
intent, perhaps?

I speak too much when I'm excited, eh? This too shall pass as a way of being.

In my phone's Word doc archives is a file named 'Heart Universe.' One
really must not presume, so this file contains what my ealization of
this eve!

Now on a related note - Pray, Prophecy, that I learn to live a life of
absolute readiness for death! Pray there are no debts of the kind a
human can pay back to a living human! Pray there is strength and the
correctness of time to do what I must do, just then!

It's 2:19 am Prophecy! Not a time for the wise to stay up without
reason! May you learn to master the art of living with Seasons and the
Time - only then will you always be ready, not in debt of your own
life, and have all the time to do a thing when it's meant to be done:
I.e. in the moment that it arises! Amen!

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