Friday, December 19, 2008

The Art of Decision-Making

Losing your mind and your memory is an art.

Prophecy, no one really tells us what to do. This is the beauty of adult life.

If they indeed are telling us, then either we are living in a society that is immature - or they are indeed deciding for us when we cannot make up our own minds.

Force is relative. If you are not exerting it, someone else is. For the purpose of your life, it must be you who must be exercising the force, by making decisions. It's called "being alive" by another name.

Yet decisions are the outcomes of a process. That process is up to you and within you, for it is relative to you.

An a conscious adult, Prophecy, we should be acutely aware of our own energy and its shifts. What value are we experiencing, and how is it changing? Say, we experience strangeness or excitement when we enter a new city - that's the value. And then after a while it diminishes - that's the modulation or change of the value.

The city can be large or small; its people can be many or few; yet our feeling is ONE. It is centered in us.

The city is not going to tell you in your human, coded language - your Urdu, your English, your French - to live or go. It has a language of its own, and your heart is the translator. When the lights and sounds no longer call you, they are suggesting to you that you consider a change in scene.

This is not a metaphor. This is truly a language. Everything has a language - elements, minerals, plants, animals, children and the deaf and dumb. Yet only the perceptive hear that which is not said in their own language. As it is, not every word is spoken. Language is part of a whole. Not everyone sees this wholeness. The blind and the seeing are not equal.

Those blind to the space that is part of the wholeness will not see the room to grow. They do not grow as a consequence. Shift happens in space within which shift can take place. One has to have a fine perception to sense shift. And be wise enough to act upon that sensation.

This sensation tells us "what to do", often more clearly - nay, definitely more clearly and with honesty - than human language can . It does not, however, command us like the voice of the mind does. The choice to act upon it is solely ours. This is human freedom.

So Prophecy, to wait to be told is a sign of immaturity. To wait for a situation to go from "telling" to "screaming" is lethargic and pathetic or apathetic - you pick what you like.

A mature heart is sensitive to its own change, and it acts upon what it is sensing. To decide in the moment, one has to let go the mind's chatter and the persistence of memory - for they are the true enemies of decisions.

And that, my dear, is the art of decision making.

(Written on December 16, 2008)

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