Saturday, December 06, 2008

Secrets of a Great Skin

Hello! This is my 29th birthday! Yes, I was going to write a more poetic blog about this beautiful incident, but that shall wait.
At 29, I sometimes get to hear comments about my skin. It's clear. Some people want to know how. In the spirit of sharing beauty with my fellow humans, here are my simple "secrets" in no particular sequence (or narrative style):

Fundamental principle: Our faces reflect the condition of our souls. As the condition changes, so does the face.

Now, the secrets that I practice:

0. Unconditional Gratitude.
1. Love people.
2. Spread courage, not fear.
3. Whatever trouble Allah gives me, I accept for Hu's love's sake.
4. I love life.
5. Negative things in our life are opportunities for us to transcend; I attempt to transcend them, and therefore negativity washes away from my face over time, though it may occupy the place momentarily.
6. I smile and speak of joy when my heart is splitting apart, which it often does. It is a transformative practice - it is living the truth, not telling a lie.
7. I wash my face with cool water often. Be careful on cold windy days! Do not expose face to cold if it seems to resist.
8. I say my prayers (at last 4 times a day), and this allows for an electrifying ablution each time. Salaat yoga and reiki give additional energy.
9. I think of light and love.
10. There is little if any grudge in my heart. If there is something I cannot tell people, I attempt to transcend it at my own end.
11. Our faces imitate others'. And we see others according to our beliefs. I have good beliefs about humanity. I acknowledge that I see the Face of Allah wherever I turn, and that in turn reflects upon my face.
12. When my heart is full, I cry.
13. I use natural ingredient to cure skin ailments.
14. When I have skin ailments, I do not worry about them.
15. I seek forgiveness when I do wrong.
16. Between virtue and vice, I choose virtue - even if it means sacrificing my self-interest, in fact particularly when the latter is needed. Now that was a principle I was defaulting on for the past few years. The result was a strangely aged look. Recently, I have worked my way back to the ageless principles, in as much as I could and then I gave up my development to the Will of Allah. Aging sings have started receding since.
17. This is one I have not been able to practice very well for a long time, but I'm putting this here so, may be, it will become obligatory on me? Here it goes: think well of yourself. Honor yourself. Respect yourself. In-joy yourself!
18. Etc.

When I was a child, I was fortunate to have read a few quality books, and to have been brought up in an environment where I believed what I read. The book said, "Eyes are the windows of the soul." And there were similar views about the Face representing our soul. The Face is a sacred part of our body, revered in human tradition. Humans are a form of energy, being represented by a physical form. To correct yourself, correct your energy. Everything else follows!

Be beautiful!

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  1. Alhamdulillah! How beautiful you must be with such a skin regimen :)

    Highly recommeded :))

    Ya Haqq!