Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What You Accept

When you start accepting yourself, you will experience such a fullness, such a richness and wholeness that your wanting will leave. You will then come to know it were not "your" wants at all. They were just wants, that occupied your heart. They can leave, and you can keep your heart.

You see, all ailments of the Self are holding the space for your (healthy) choice. There is no vacuum; so something holds the space until we replace it with what we acquire after transcending. We begin in a state of fall, only to rise. This "fall" holds the place for our "rising." It is like rising steps.

Honor yourself every step of the way. And to honor yourself demands that you discipline yourself.

Have you seen people with fit bodies, and people with out-of-shape and unhealthy bodies? The difference between the two of them is their discipline - and their honor for their own Self. The one who disciplines themselves (reasonably, of course) is the one who honored themselves. And the one who honors themselves is the one who accepted themselves.

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