Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What You Want


It is your not wanting that has set you free.

How does it feel?

It feels like no-thing. Not desiring is nothing in itself, for it were, that would be desiring or fearing yet something else.

You see this is the process. It can be achieved in an instance or step-by-step. Do not worry whichever way that is. You do not have to choose this, indeed do not attempt to!

You are a story, like many others, that this Universe tells itself. Be your story, do not attempt to become it or to achieve it.

Divine creativity does not exhaust. It is powerful so it examines itself under ever newer conditions. You are the condition that you are. It is only for the perception of duality that the faster is better than the slower, or indeed the slower is sometimes said to be better than the faster. Put that duality aside! Who knows when it is better to be fast, or to be slow?

Haven't you experienced the traffic when it slows down in sleet and ice? It is better to be fast, or to crawl?

The answer depends on the circumstances, and often the circumstances are not perceived by us. In fact the sum
of circumstances is perennially beyond perception.

So do not coerce yourself. You are who you are. Want neither more, nor even less. It is grace to accept yourself and your circumstances as they are. You see we often argue with our circumstances for we are not accepting our Self.

Accept yourself. Acceptance is not want. It is still. Want moves. Acceptance is living, and want dies.

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