Friday, January 15, 2010

The "People" Illusion

Dear Prophecy:

Almost invariably, when a person says "people:, they are indeed referring to themselves. You can judge what a person thinks of their own self by listening to what they think of "people".

Indeed, by this word, the person is referring to an inner entity. 

So what's the use of knowing this? The use is this: understand that each time you pose a question about "people", you are indeed posing that question about yourself. 

Therefore: if you ask, "Why don't people learn?" 
Then you real question is: "Why don't I learn?" Or, it is: "Why don't I teach?"

If your question is: "What do people think about this celebrity?"
Then your real question is: "What do I think about this celebrity?"

The fact is, the people illusion serves to hide our questions from ourselves, allowing us to dodge ourselves. 

Beware of this. 
Clearly be you. 

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