Saturday, January 23, 2010


Oh dear.

New Earth has arrived. Suddenly, after generations of waiting and anticipation and tribulations on the way, it has arrived.

And what do I have to offer? A reluctant hallelujah!?


It is time to open the heart anew, to connect, to sing, to praise.
It is time to welcome the New Earth.
It is time for hallelujah!


  1. What do you mean by that? what changed?

  2. Dear Vera:

    It is, in my view, the first time in human history when each soul has an option to be exactly what it wants to be -- and the long, tortuous road to live one's dreams has ended.

    Earlier, people had to wait for certain tools to become available, or for other people to catch up, or they could not travel (easily) the long distances to get to a place which had the knowledge or resources they needed.

    In an interconnected world with unprecedented technology and collaboration -- it is possible to do what one wants to do. The catch is that what one wants can either be "good" or "bad". Which is actually interesting, for it will compel the right thing, eventually.

    At least that's the theory.

    Bless you.