Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Two Types of Advice I Ever Gave

There are only two kinds of advice that I have ever given.
The first kind is: "Follow your heart". To follow your heart, prepare yourself to be aware, to listen to yourself, to discern, to be truthful. Build courage through practice so that what your heart says, you will be able to act upon. Do not do ill to others for that, in the longer run, prevents you from doing the right thing for yourself. The illness you do to others builds a trap for you, through you, by entrapping you in your ill value.
In this advice is all the wisdom I have ever known, or can possibly ever know.
The second kind of all advice I ever gave was simply 'bad advice'.
I observed that the human soul is stirred by the first kind of advice, but people tend to solicit and urge the second kind. For the first is a silent kind, and the second is words.
And people choose to fill their life with words, with more.
May God lift the veils we willing put on our senses!

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