Friday, January 15, 2010

To Banish Ignorance

To banish ignorance with ignorance is compounded ignorance. 

Yes, yes, banish ignorance if you will and if you're drawn to it. However, banish it with its opposite: create knowledge. Use hikmat, wisdom. 

This way is what differentiates the wise from the unwise and from the ill-disposed. You cannot carry out a deed for the world with an ill disposition without making the world worse for your touch. Therefore, be careful. 

Give time to your thought, your method. 

Let me tell you what is the aim of ignorance: ignorance. Ignorance is to create chaos in the organized ways of Man. 

You are very concerned with "rightful space on Earth," with what constitutes an elegant, straight path. One of the aspects of that is to keep your path once you've been set on a correct course. Keep your course. 

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