Friday, July 11, 2008



Any human's highest aspiration is to realize their own highest potential. Do you remember the method - that alchemical method - through which a person's heart may be changed?

It is to remind them of who they are.

This, Prophecy, was your method: reminding a person of who they are, reminding them of the essential goodness. It was no wonder that your work was never hard for you. What is hard for most, and for you at this moment, is to have the equanimity to see the essential truth of a person beyond their circumstances and situations. And to see the essential truth of a situation beyond what people make it to be.

Prophecy, it cannot be overemphasized that a person becomes a human by way of virtue. Virtue is not an accident, it is a choice. It does not "happen" to us. Universe happens to us, and we exercise virtue in response. Over time, a virtue that was exercised in the past prevents accidents and "responses" in the future that are actually the after-effects of our actions in the moment... thus we feel we are having to "react" lesser and lesser. We gradually become incremental master of our fate. Fate is character; mastering character is mastering fate.

Prophecy, I wish to remind you of who you are: You are a woman of virtue, character, and an ability to keep herself together when everything is falling apart. You way is not the way of succumbing to the reigning emotion. Too many, too-many-to-count fine, beautiful souls got stuck in that trap.

Prophecy, there is no rushing through the situations and lessons of life. You cannot short-cut the path to your own learning by swaying with emotion, and wishing that the results will be taken care of by way of some evaporation. What "evaporates" at one place "condenses" at another. As your perception grows, you learn that there is no "there" - it is all "here." In One Space. That's why what goes round, comes round.

Nothing goes away, because there is no away. Everything is here, it stays and matures and "comes back" into your story when its time has arrived. The running away, the killing approach never truly worked. You are blessed if the seeds of your action are maturing quickly so you can see for yourself what fruit springs forth from what seed.

I appeal to the goodness in you to let goodness prevail. You must acknowledge the progress you have made on your path - do not allow it to be destroyed by fear or greed. Do not speak words of anger or of sarcasm. Fear Allah. Be fair. Do not, also, be soft and appeasing. Speak the truth in whatever tone you have been granted with. Truth is a strength unto itself, it requires no shouting. It only requires the conviction and the honesty of the one speaking it.

Do not let Ego change its ever subtle shape and trap you in its ploy. Beware of the dangers on your Path. Awareness overcomes unconsciousness.

Trust yourself, communicate with yourself, stay rooted, and let nothing and no one sway you. You are your path. Find that fine middle way between staying firm, and being responsive to change. Between firmness and kindness.

Speak the truth, for nothing else liberated the human soul but speaking and appreciating the truth. Speak the truth.

If, and only if Prophecy, you can see that this is exactly where you are meant to be! If, and only if Prophecy, can you understand that this is also a test! If, and only if Prophecy, you can find the lesson and apply it! If, and only if Prophecy, you can be you while all goes to chaos... you will be a human.

Aspire to this.



  1. salams,
    I have just discovered your blog, very inspiring. I like your concpet, as in Alchemist- Coelho. I do agree, it is important to know oneself and follow own legend

    best regards from Poland

  2. Indeed - life is an act of waking up to discovery. Amazing, Alhamdolillah!

    I read your blog and your "reversion" story. Brave! Wish you best luck on your journey.

    Love from Pakistan.