Monday, July 07, 2008

Reject Nonsense, Promote Healthiness


"I am here to give, not to be snatched from."

This summarizes my review of the current scenario and the results of the applications of my principle. Once again, I was clearer on the issue as a teenager than as an appeasing adult. Other people's self-created dramas and nonsense are not my problem.

If I reject getting involved, it shows the health of my mind. I think all people should reject nonsense without guilt. It's just a social guilt constructed on these lines: "If one, in their clear head and sight, are rejecting some utter time-wasting (or time-creating) trash, they must do so with a heavy heart and a great deal of pity and empathy and understanding for the people who create the drama."

What, my dear, is then the difference between a sick and a healthy person?
Answer: Indeed in such a case the sick person at least is sick, it's the healthy person who requires a thorough self-examination - what's their excuse?

So my dear Fool, you have my complete, thorough, blanket approval for not approving of sickness and lack of attention and gratitude in others. Don't lie down with the unconscious and sleep out of some twisted understanding of obligatory service and love. Shake them up, wake them up, and by all means, leave if your heart is certain nothing is getting better, and at that moment you get no sign pointing otherwise!

The greatest and the toughest people in history could not handle this particular scenario - I mean think about it logically: who can handle the sick if they themselves are sick? Can a cracking pillar hold the weight of another pillar, let alone the structure they are to support?

When a healthy person fills in the shoes of a sick-minded person, there is now one more sick person in the world. It's the simple formula you knew as a child. How happy and light life was back then, eh, when the world could be full of illness, but you had no business to do business with it.

NEVER REASON OR JUSTIFY ON BEHALF OF SICKNESS. Don't get your sanity snatched from you, by no matter how abstract an entity - even a politician. Remember this principle from all relationships - intimate to global.

*Smack* the sick-minded back into their rightful place: a world of consciousness, of light, of awakening. Of end to human dis-ease.

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