Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lack of Trust?

Dear woman!

Somewhere, deep down in your heart, you do not trust the world. Deeper than that, I like to believe, is an ocean of trust - but perhaps that is common to all souls. We humans have the capacity to cap the ocean within - and you may be doing that.

You know what it could be. Transform it.

There are two ways to look at the same thing: either you choose to blame it, or you make something out of it. The latter, actually, is the product of a grateful heart, they say.

The first approach is sometimes used for a dramatic effect. There is much in the media and social culture that nods to that one episode of screaming, shouting, laying the blame, shocking the other out of their wits. That seems to settle scores. That seems to put an end to life as it "happens." It stops the world in some way.

The other is a quieter approach which is less visible in outer machinations, but requires great maturity within. It is the way that seems to disturb nothing, but produces an infinitely more beautiful life to live in. It changes us - which is the key project for which we are created.

The purpose of life is to live your own life Prophecy. In addition to some broken trust - which, actually, is just an interpretation of an event - what may be ailing you right now is seeing your life through another's eyes, putting your reins in another's hands. Are they even asking for it?


Don't set yourself up for automatic failure by making choices that are bound to be unrealized. Far more worthy of your trust is your own self, your intuition when it speaks. Ask yourself. In the smallest of matters, adopt a way of looking that is the Way of Allah. See things through Allah's eyes. Let things be, for they may be needed for the Story of the Universe to be written out. Don't dwell on the script, act!

You love, you know how to love, you must love your self. Not the base, animal, selfish self - but the Self Within. The deepest core of you. Remove the veils from the eye that sees the world with trust - it is the eye of the Source. This is not an abstraction, and this is not mere philosophy. This is a way of perception, which leads to a very real world.

Calm your heart, and drench it in remembrance of who you really are!

The, even the very question of trust or lack of trust will dissolve. Trust me!