Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here There & - a poem


Here There &

You felt
and I felt
in one instance.

Then step,
I step
You step.
I walk
you stop.
You run
I stand.

Here there &.

I sensed
and you sensed
in Eternity.

Then avert,
You avert,
I avert.
You revert,
I assert.
I explain
you demand.

Here there &.

This step, that step,
Right step, wrong step,
on-path, off-path,
full where, half there,
half here. Not aware.
When time will
still stand?

Here there &.

If could I
could you be
at one time
at place one ...
just meet!

It would be a moment – a full, present moment – in which we will see
all Eternity, together. Nothing will be out of place. Neither will be
looking away; searching, searching endlessly and never finding what is
right in front of us. Our hearts will be with us, not breaking into
bits & pieces over the fractured continuum of Time! All things will
flow, effortlessly. Here. Only Here.


A poem by
aka The Prophecy
July 31, 2008

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