Friday, July 04, 2008

The Impermanent

Prophecy! Prophecy!

Wake up! I have a warning for you.

God's justice is about to overtake Hu's Mercy- the attribute of "The Vengeful" is about to become operative.

There will be more deaths in the streets that you can keep score of. This is because humans did not collectively pay heed to the warning.

Seek refuge of the Lord, from the Lord, with the Lord.

The governments of the world are to vanish soon; people will migrate in great numbers. The victimized will reach the throats of the transgressors. This time has arrived.

Pay no attention to those who will not read the signs. Attend, you must, to your own affairs. Set not your hear on the temporary, the impermanent.

The Illusion is about to shatter. Hold on tight to The Rope. Help one another in good deeds, and refuse to indulge the unfair. Speak the truth - speak it loud, clear, and forcefully even if you are the last or only one to hold on to it.

From amongst human will and the Divine, choose to side with your Lord.
There is no other Way.

The Illusion is about to shatter. Look in to your heart, and you will See all past and future.

Give to people, treat them fairly, and learn wisdom from death. Train yourself in the skills of life and the art of war. Do not play with hearts.

This is a warning to you: events are about to unfurl on which you will have no control. But think! There is something you can master - master it!

Command the Universe to Be!

...And it will become.