Thursday, June 05, 2008

Not All Words Are Spoken - a poem

Not All Words Are Spoken

You know
some things are just not spoken.
They are felt.
In hearts
that truly communicate
with one another.

There are three kinds
of speaking:
One with words,
The other with actions,
and the third is.
Just a state of being.

It is this state of being
that is
the most profound form
of any living speech.

It is this third kind
that is heard only by
of the finest perception.

It is that hunger
that is on the face
of someone with dignity, but no means.
You hear it, and you feed them kindly
never making them feel you knew.

It is that wetness
that is in the eyes
of a loved one, who won't complain.
You sense it, and you do everything
within your means to ease their pain.

It is that joy
that shines from the skin
of a shy one, who barely dares to tell.
You perceive it, and you hold the hands
from which bursts forth this light.

It is this third kind
of speech
where you can hear
the past, the future, and all the time.
It is the truest,
the purest,
and of course the most significant.

It is this third speech where you will find
all answers
all true meaning.
You touch, taste, smell, see, hear, and feel this, as it is a state of being.

To sense it, to honor it, to be it
is to have that subtlest perception
few hearts are blessed with.

-RA aka The Prophecy


  1. The beauty I feel in this poem is
    beyond words.


  2. True. Beauty is beyond words. Whenever we sense it, it's fleeting and something to be experienced.

    Thank you for stopping by, Akash.