Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A New Energy

So finally I finish my detour through Mind-Boggle, Heart-Twist Land. Since the past two day, I've got back to my spiritual practices, which are to keep me centered, stable, and STILL in an ever-changing illusion called the World. I have learned Reiki healing since April, but had not been practicing.

A series of events that I had seen fore coming since March started manifesting this week. It's almost as though I have been writing my fortune. It was, in my imagination, dreadful. But by the time the events have started unfolding, I am ready. It all concerns my role as a teacher and adviser in the inter-twined lives of a few persons, to whom I am often also a student by the very nature of how knowledge sharing works. Assuming the role of a teacher has been a challenge, which I will write about separately as this marks not just a new chapter in my life, but my very life itself!

The result of the shift that had been taking place in the last few weeks is this: many things have come full circle. I feel an integration happening despite my lack of attention and devotion to my practices. My life has become a living practice.

Since last night, I have felt a great deal of pain leaving my body. I know that while some pain is due to my athletic misadventures and being the tomboy, much of it is part of my psyche, and a collective psyche.

And that just connected a dot for me!

Eckhart Tolle speaks of a collective woman pain body. Could it be that my attention's new focus, the Feminine Principle, is the beginning of my work with healing this psychic body?
Very likely. Because repeatedly I have been in conversation with women, since the last year, about their Selves, about who they are as opposed to what they have had to do.
I think Allah has chosen me to undertake a project I shall deliver on, Allah be willing. Amen.

This is a thought I need to mull over, Prophecy!