Saturday, March 29, 2008

Artful Abandon

Dear Prophecy:

So now you know what your soul is calling you to, right now: Art & Music.

It would be very appropriate for you to view beautiful art - art that touches your soul. Find a place where you can go, and just study tile patterns. Or the curves of brush strokes. It's so human to feel vulnerable, in awe of the beauty of life, to be unsure and to just be aware of the magnificence that is you in being.

Art will help you learn to watch.

But watching art is not where you stop. Take out your colors, take out your papers, and then take our what's in your soul.... enjoy the patterns that have been created within; now you see them without.

The second thing you need to do is to play music. Dare! Dare to manifest the music you have always heard in your heart. Sing, too, with the abandon that is your character.

Nothing will stop you now. My work, Prophecy was to keep you unaware of who you were, just to lead you to where you are going undistracted, to a surprise land. You must gradually wake up in the garden that is within every human soul.... My work, now, is to remove every block in your path. I am with you.

You will not now lose anything by being you. What is lost is neither meant to be, nor are you for it to keep. Go!

No harm will come to you, nor to your creations. Your life is yours to live. Go!

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