Monday, March 10, 2008

To Set You Free

Prophecy - dear, foolish, Prophecy:

Sometimes you need to learn some from your inspired self. Consider what have you been feeling, and now, what have you been thinking, my foolish friend!?

Let what the feelings tell you absorb into the conscious self. Learn from your self, from the book inside you, dear. Everything happens for a reason. You learned what you learned so it could teach you, and give you knowledge for your situations. You are not clueless.

Prophecy, some days in the lives of humans are expansive, some are constrictive. Sometimes it's light, at other times it's dark. Some times are warm, others are cold.

Then there are seasons: The Spring gives birth, the Summer nurtures and flourishes and brings intense energy to Earth, the Autumn makes everything go still - preparing for days of solitude and rest, and the Winter takes down all things green so they can be born again. We live.

This is the nature of life, my dear. Courageous is the one who understood the transformations of life and went along with them - felt joy in them. Remember, you had learned:

"And so are the days (good and not so good), We give to men by turns, that Allâh may test those who believe."
Verse 140, Sura Al-Imran, The Quran

Prophecy, you spoke only days earlier of Love in Being. This is no ordinary knowledge, do appreciate. Love is larger than our human inadequate beings, though love, too, is just an energy in action. There is the deeper, eternal Being - Within, Without, First, Last.

It is not going anywhere, nor is the energy that it produces. But that Being, Prophecy, is ever in transformation - it has a new shape, a new aspect, a new manifestation every moment. Our whooooollllleeee wide Cosmos is rendered anew every moment, Prophecy.

Be a brave woman. Be a true Muslim, whose heart is not afraid of seeing what is seen. Be courageous. Never fear what you see, Prophecy. Never fear what you lose, or what you get. Allah tests when Hu takes, and Allah tests when Hu gives, Prophecy. The truly courageous are distracted by none, Prophecy. The one who truly loved and was loved always knew better than this.

When you turned 25, you wrote here:
I have touched dust and turned it into gold. And I have seen gold turn to dust and fly away... thus learning some of the most enduring lessons about the delicacy of this illusion called life.

You learned this long ago, Prophecy. So why fear the illusion of life, still?

Prophecy, it is small minds who are trapped in the world. Who see nothing beyond the transactions of giving and taking and the calculations of them all. It drives minds to insanity, and it panics the hearts to be so confined.

All humans, each and every human, has a potential in their hearts. Not all are destined to realize it though.

That should not concern you, Prophecy. The state of everyone else is part of the illusion, it is part of the aspects of Being. Do not take these things to heart, Prophecy, even if they occur in what you perceive to be "your life."

Look ahead and up. What are you seeing? The meaning of being human, a true, realized human - that is what you see, at least as of now.

Prophecy, be the human you are meant to be. See not the world and what touches your heart from the little mind's view. See it as it is, and do not fear that the Universe has constricted upon you. Believe in benevolence, and you shall have it. Be-lieve!

Do not fear anything Prophecy. All there is, is the Truth. Feel this truth, and speak it Prophecy. It is the Truth that shall set you free.

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