Friday, March 14, 2008

I'll Bring You Through This


Hold on. When Allah brings us to it, Allah brings us through it too.

You know, there is never a cause to worry, but worry itself. There is never a thing to fear, but fear itself.

How about you step back, and see things as they are? The past will eat you, and the future will tear you apart. Because they do not exist. To think of them is to split your mind. The mind does not like to be split. It will consume your energy under threat. Now we don't like to be had for Ego's breakfast, eh?

Stay in the Now.

Speak the Truth. How good is it to just know that the Truth sets us free, if indeed it doesn't set us free because we aren't begin truthful, just academic?

What is the Truth anyway? It's not a statement that you make - a blabber, blubber, blubber. It's certainly not updating your social network or twittering "status." Many times we confuse truth with revealing all stories of our lives to anyone, anywhere. That, darling, would be a mild form of social lunacy.

Truth is allowing your self to be your self, and integrating within - so you integrate without. Truth is having courage to be yourself, and never fear that it will deprive or isolate you forever. Truth lends integrity and peace to self.

Lying, by contrast, is not just making things up. Making things up is just a symptom, a product of a disintegrated sense of being. Even staying in that state does put the soul in two (or more) places at once. It's... not good.

Here is some help in identifying your state:

When you feel the need to just say meaningless things, when you feel the need to explain yourself to everyone, when you are feeling like you are all over and yet nowhere, when you deal with your situations by telling everyone about them (in the hope of them knowing how you are, so you don't need to deal with your situation - because hey, the other now bears the burden of knowing you're not right), when you are not enjoying/in-joying just being in the simple beautiful world, when you want to "change the world," when you want to "take others along with you," when you feel others need to be corrected, when you feel overwhelmed - then Prophecy, you must STOP.

Ask yourself, what is going on?

This is the basis of conviction:

1. This Universe is Benevolent.
2. The Creator of the Universe is Benevolent, therefore the Universe will always be. Be. Be. Be. Be. Be = positive. That's why we're existing, because there is more life than death. Otherwise... how would I know? I am not a physicist.
3. Be = Present/ Now.
4. You are related directly to the Creator.
5. So is everyone else. Even minerals, plants, and other beings. Each is directly and uniquely related, and must identity and live their own relationship.
6. You are in this world - this particular state of consciousness - for the Creator's sake. Your task is to identity your unique relationship, and live it through by relating to other beings on this planet. There is a primary and secondary order. Creator first, creation second. You are the conduit of that relationship.
7. Don't take this lightly, it's your only project.
8. Don't take this seriously, it's not your project.
9. The Universe (a fancy indirect reference to God, if you don't wished to be persecuted by limited minds) is telling stories to itself. You listen to that story, one of its many billion times, that's your raison d'être. Sit through, silly, selfish spectator! Shed your glasses and watch the movie.

Gather internally, Prophecy, gather! You cannot integrate out there. How will you do it? How do I know? I know that I know nothing. I know that you must ask the One who made you, you, and put me in charge of your being.

Who am I?


-The Universe,
Telling its story

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