Sunday, March 23, 2008


I had strange experiences today, Prophecy....

Oh goodness mine! Wait! I figured out what the experiences mean just *now*! Oh dear!
But let me tell you the whole story...

OK so I am with AR today and pondering life questions - that is my Sagittarius hobby. Dear friend of mine is keeping her cool in the face of my nubulousness, and looking for an opportunity to inject sense into the process. We are in the Aga Khan University Hospital building that I love for some non-morbid reason: I love the architecture, and AR and I have been rendezvousing here for years - discussing endless business plans over insipid food.

We're walking down this corridor when my attention is arrested by the sight of this very sick man, falling apart at the seams, and faltering.... he's standing by the support of the wall, broken, in tears. AR is also drawn in the next instant to the episode. We almost walk past when my little voice asks me to stop.

We ask him how he is? What does he need? Does he need to be led out of the building? Does he need for us to pull in a wheel chair? How can we help?

He turns out to be a hemophiliac diagnosed with leukemia.

He needs a bone marrow transplant, and he doesn't have the resources. The doctors have handed in their verdict, and they have also told that he needs Rs. 1.9 million plus a bone marrow donor - neither of which they can help him with.

We guide him to a seat nearby and listen to his story. He's obviously sick, and I have that particular feeling of absorbing something that my heart feels when I am around people who have pain. He sobs through his story - and says, he is glad he has found two sisters who have listened to him, who have given him attention.

Deep down in our hearts, strictly structured fears and doubts are already setting in: is this a scam? When will he ask for money? How exactly can we help him, by the way?

Actually - thinking back - he obviously looked like and was someone who could use any help at all.

I briefly run through the remote possibility of being able to raise any funds for him at all? But then I know I would be raising his hopes, so I immediately return his file and do what I can do best: pay him gentle, loving attention - absorbing some of his pain. He does seems to spring up a bit later... perhaps we can mend broken spirits if not bodies?

I tell him of something helpful I know - to be precise, a spiritual therapy that I have used an seen being used. And I guide him to someone who can help him. Then we escort him to the cab stand, and return to our meeting...

Now, Prophecy, it's happened to me before - very eerily the very same thing: here I am worrying about myself and about the nature of love, and there I find right in my path a person who is sick, who needs help - and I can help them, in a little way. The interaction always changes me, it helps me, it helps clear my head. Do you remember the incident of the Sa'ee?


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