Monday, March 17, 2008

To Tell You The Truth

Dear Prophecy:

Such is the nature of the life of anyone who saw the truth when none else can... and then went ahead and spoke it.

May be our ways are inappropriate, but more inappropriate still is to not believe in ourselves.

For to not believe in One's Self is to not believe in Being.

We are merely the conduits of Being.

Now - Prophecy, mere insights are not enough. You have to take action, and I have a plan. It will work; don't ask for affirmations from anyone else - not even your shadow. Especially your Shadow!

No one knows another's story. Because there is no need to.

NOW - Truth makes us alone. Which isn't as bad as culture and the basic human odd need to belong make it sound. As an aside, how odd are we? We have ego, and we want to belong. Amazing oddity!

Anyhow - I couldn't help but be distracted by amazement. Back - so. I have a plan. You follow it. It's as simple as that.

It is going to work. In fact, as we speak, it is working....

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