Sunday, March 16, 2008


-- All right. I just read something. All in all it meant there is another day after today, and it's not like today.

My goodness, dear fury, I haven't seen one like you whose tremendous faith can go up in a puff of smoke.

Lie down in the dark.
Cry your bloody heart out.

Then see. Just see what's happening - what's right in front of you. Not what's behind you, not what's in front of you - and certainly NOT what's brainy and harmony and emotiony chemicals are releasing into your psyche.

What is the point of all this entrapment? May be the answer is to not ask a question at all!

Remember the Universe's riddle:

Q. What is wrong with me?
A. This very question.

You know. The Code. How it's written. Out of the vast massiveness of this entire scheme, you've got but a glimpse of the alphabets, and your mind has spun. CONTROL IT.

You didn't think having this knowledge was going to be easy - eh? Or anyone could manipulate it, silly. It's a Code so simple, it baffles the Mind, the ultimate kitcher-katcher, chicker-chacker, chack-chack pattern-making machine. This Code cannot be encoded by the kitching-katching Mind.

All right - right NOW - just SEE. See. See. Remember, every moment, the Code is alive, it's being written. With words. With your very words, Prophecy!

Clear the head by clearing the words.

Remember, your task is simply to not give up to any distraction. Be NOT attached with anything, not even your life nor your death.

That does not, however, mean that you don't take any action. It means you take an action from a point deeper in you, unattached to the consequences of the superficial - to the mathematics of a world we do not and cannot control.

It means all this, and then it means nothing at all.

I am sleepy - but I want to tell you this: Right now, sleep is the most important thing. Honestly, no matter Carl Sagan's snide cynicism, the Big Bang did happen so you could sleep right now. Can you poke an 11-year old you? 30 year old? No? Because they don't exist.

Neither can you touch a moment that passed or one this is going to come (or not - who knows?). Your moment is now. This is the moment in which the Code is being written. Can you focus on this truth alone? Can you direct all light there? Can you stop speaking in this language that's making me wonder about the intricacies of the arts of Spirit - can you just Be?

Now is your moment...

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