Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Love in Being

Dear Prophecy,

For most of my life, since I gained consciousness, I have felt an attraction to being in love.

It was, to me, always that beautiful though elusive something which once gained would make our Universe magnificent – full of wonder. I've always fancied being in love. I've thought: it's a Divine task – a destiny that ought to be fulfilled.

Like all conscious beings I have had, somewhere in my psyche, a well-defined notion of love. That it is something magical. Something needed for our survival – more than that, for our wholeness. So no wonder, I thought that love "filled a gap." And so, no wonder, I sought to fill that "gap" by all manners of fitting a suitable piece into what I perceived an incomplete puzzle of being...

Love was as well-defined to me as having a concept of property is: we know that some things are OURS – not OTHERS'. We "naturally" own "our things."

Flawed!, both love and possession were, in my perceptions of each.

Prophecy, I learned about being in love by being in love, and about possessions by losing them. Neither did I gain these ways, Love nor Possessions.

The strange thing with the puzzle construct was that the moment a befitting piece was put in it, either the puzzle, or the piece, or everything would change. There was never a completion. I could get in love, but never stay there. For me, there was no permanent, everlasting being in love. Nothing last forever.

But Prophecy, I never gave up! The source of all inspirations has been alive in me – some times it manifest brightly, at other time it became hidden, but never gone. The source is inextricably linked with my being alive.

I have always believed in Love and known that my perceptions may be false, but love isn't. It's the Truth.

And now something has happened. In the past few days, I have felt an inexplicable joy/sorrow in my heart. It's as though there is a fine gossamer curtain veiling my sight, and it flutters. When it does, I get glimpses of the Beyond... where neither joy nor sorrow matter. On this, I pondered. This, I allowed my Self to experience.

Prophecy, I have found a secret beyond the gossamer veil.

My quest had indeed been right, but the answers so far were inadequate.

Prophecy, lately, I have found that there is no being in love. The truth is that there is Love In Being!

Do you realize how many things that means, Prophecy? Love. In. Being. This means that love is felt through be-ing: by wholly existing we experience the connectedness that is Love. That love is in being, being isn't in love – that we begin our quests from the wrong end: we already are, we always are, on the destination. That the journey itself is the destination. There is nowhere to travel to, nothing to find, no suitable piece to fit into our puzzles. That the puzzle is a puzzle: it's evolving, it's not "incomplete." That I am wholly inadequate and that is my beauty... My inadequacy is the reason why I relate to the rest of me – why would Perfection need to reach out?

Prophecy, lately I have felt my heart being "cleft asunder" – as is poetically said – and a bright light is shining through. It's Love. It has always been in my being.

I have understood while writing these very words, the meaning of Divine Scripture when it speaks of the darkness being "cleft asunder" and the "daybreak" shining through. It's an event that occurs within us, not without. It's not historical, it's metaphorical. It's about darkness, and about the emergence of light.

I don't just experience this light Prophecy – I am this light. I am Love, in Being.

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