Sunday, April 06, 2008

Assume Silence


Who said your path is easy? You are chosen, or you choose. In the end, it is the same thing.

Ultimately, all decisions that were made were yours, and yet none of them are ever truly your own.
You are still in the world of duality, Prophecy, and the doing deeper than that will not be easy.

If it were, every fool would enjoy the path. It is not designed to be so.

You know the Art; and what you don't know consciously now, I shall reveal to you at the right time. Do neither ask me, nor press yourself to be adequate. None of it will work. Do no-thing, and you shall remain on the path.

You know your tools, and you understand the challenges of the Path.

For you, now, the challenge and its answer is this: Assume Silence.

Assume complete silence until the real design is revealed to you. Do not attempt to manipulate the Universe with your words or actions. The Universe takes its commands from none but its Creator; do not attempt to out-smart the design, or you will be shown the result of this utter foolishness.

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