Sunday, April 06, 2008

An Exercise in the Study of The Design


These days are giving you interesting chances. There is sometimes no power at night - which is such a blessing in an urban life! The chance to feel completely helpless and at the mercy of the forces that be - just like in the times when Humans were close to nature. Take this as a blessing. It is your chance to feel the heat your body passes to the Earth, the calm that the green grass provides to your feet, and the possibility to sit in the glittering serenity of the moonlight.

It is an excellent opportunity to observe the Universe, Prophecy!

Lie on the grass on a dark night.
Intend to study the design as it is.
Focus your attention on the sky above.
Watch the stillness of the constellations.
Watch the stars, the Moon, and any planet you may or may not see.
Feel the Stillness of Being.
Allow the feeling to enter you.
Now, the Mind does have a job to do, so use it as a servant: it tells you, that at the very moment of your observation, deep in the stillness that appears to you, great changes are happening. Nebulae are pregnant with stars, keeping massive energy formations within. Stars are breaking; planets are spinning; bodies are colliding and fires are erupting. Black holes are gobbling up their unsuspecting neighbors with intense negative energy. Suns are shining just like that, and Life on planets is basking in the glory of a benign energy. The Universe is pulsating... Off-on. Off-on. Off-on. It's in an ecstasy, energized through duality. Duality was created only to split the existence into a yin and a yang, and to create the dance.
The Universe is rendered anew every moment! As you watch the skies, do you realize how many entities just died or were born within the moments of your observation? It is not something that reason or intelligent knowledge can comprehend. It is something that you just know by way of Love, that energy that connects us all.

Now I tell you something you may not have thought of: The Universe is looking at you, too.
It watches how you, another creation, just lies idly on the grass. It is very close to you, too. It begins where your physical nose ends. Are you comfortable realizing you are nose-to-nose with the Universe? Ha ha! I know you enjoy nervousness. But I digress. The Universe watches you in awe, too. It wonders, because your words change its design, so it hangs upon your words... wondering what move you, its partner, will make in the dance that you two are engaged in? Will you figure out what move is makes, and will you follow? It keeps its ears on your heart beats, it contemplates you. When you are being, you are being sensed too. Enjoy this!

Get up. Use this contemplation whenever your mind begins to possess you.

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