Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Choose to Forgive


It's as though the whole Universe speaks in unison to me to inculcate the quality of forgiveness from the heart - a childhood treasure that I must find again.... Hear what is said:

Accept the apology of your Muslim brother and if he has not any, invent one for him yourself.
-Hazrat Imam Ali, May Allah be please with him
(Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 74, p.165) *

Forgiveness is the greatest of virtues. It allows us to get out of another's way, helping them move onwards on their journey... helping them reach closer to Allah. Requesting Allah to show mercy, preferring that over justice.

One of the greater losses a soul can suffer on its journey is the curse of entrapment by Time. By contrast, we grant another soul a great gift - a liberation - when we grant them or return them Time. When we assure this fellow soul that it need not be trapped in the drama of Time, but keep moving on. We do that, sometimes, by forgiving another soul... in the process liberating ourselves from the need to act vigilante.

It is not a small act to rescue a soul hurtling forward on the road to perdition. You participate in creating a heaven by extending forgiveness. And it is the better of routes, for it frees your soul to bring Beauty alive. All this illusion of existence - this story of the Universe - the stipulation of religion - the tribulations of faith - what are all these for?

These are all a quest for Beauty. Realizing the Beauty of Being. And in this world, ensuring that the Being Who seeks is not blocked by our ego from finding the Sought: Human.



* The quote is courtesy: Abdur Rahman's Corner

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