Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Fool's Song

Oh well Prophecy!

I can't describe how deeply sensitive am I feeling to music these days. You know, I had left music for a long time, opening myself up to another layer of perception.

But I carry myself with the Flow, and it has taken me right back to music, for which I have a gift, unexpressed as it is. I don't know what to do with it? So I have started singing again, even though just to myself.

And I have started sensing songs, once again. This time, my understanding is richer. It is not, as is previously was, limited to fantastic film-like images. I now sense the spirit moving through a song, and I can "see" how the music flows or not in a composition.

But that's not what I was going to write about! I was going to tell you of a couple of songs that have inspired my soul to a point of foolishness.

Now how is one inspired to be foolish?

How can you ask that, Prophecy? Haven't you lived with me long enough to know? I am a Fool!

Listen to what I have to share! I was listening to this song which could entirely be put in the categories of a "romantic" song. But there was a sense of freedom and spirit in it... which is what captured my mind. I didn't care that the woman in the song sang to a man to deliver her to a land of freedom, away from the tradition of the world. To me, that could as well be the song of my Soul.

I love to love. In whatever way. That song made me reflect, Prophecy. It made me think of all the grudge and illness I harbor in this heart of mine: when did it come to live in me?

I love, Prophecy, I love! I am not the one who hates. Though truly, I understand love to the point to know that sometimes, love makes s a warrior for the purpose of saving Love, while our own life may go. Love is the spirit of this world. Those who cannot fight to save the spirit do not go the full mile. But why do I speak of the Other?

It is my Self that matters, it is all that matters. I love, and that's all I am capable of doing. I can fight, but not for hate, and not because of hate. My grudge must be for growing love, not killing it.

I listened to that song, and I asked myself, which is a better choice?
To entangle oneself in lower emotions, try to grasp at every straw, and still be swept away in wild currents of time?
Or to rise above one's lower Self, to seek a blessed shore, to let go of the straws and the unreliable supports, just flow with Flow of this Existence? To in-joy every twisting, turning, moment of being, until a sense of Everness is sensed?

Why be stubborn and stick to the temporary just to avenge oneself for no good gain, losing a connection with the First, the Last, The Manifest, and the Hidden?
Why must not I be the conduit of the most powerful force in Existence: LOVE!?

Why not love, Prophecy, why not love?

I am foolish. I go where angels fear to tread. Angels do not have the darkness that humans must overcome, just to sense the deep richness of being. Angels, thus, aren't even sought - they are seeking.

I am the Sought. I love. I have no choice. I am a fool, and this is my song: to sing longing for my Soul's freedom. For the Fool's return to Paradise.

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