Sunday, April 06, 2008

The End of Possession

Prophecy, the temptation for you to remain your Older Self is great. Beware!

We are possessed by none other than our Own Selves. How we command ourselves! We desire, we fear, we crave, we want, we don't want, we attempt to avoid. It creates relationships in which we tie one end of the rope to our being, and hand over the other end to another - by our own will.

Thus begins this bizarre dance that we don't wish to dance, but know not how to take ourselves away from. The other, possessed by their own ego, enjoys pulling the ropes in whatever manner that takes their shifting fancy. Since this requires an unusual amount of mis-applied energy, it's up to the other to fall tired and drop the ropes, jerking the self to a stop in mid-bewilderment.

Most minds see liberation in simply shifting these ropes from one holder to an-other, and still anticipate liberation. When this does not happen, the self becomes furious at an-other other... Now you see even writing about this soap opera is tiring.

Prophecy, we cut the ropes at our own end, and even beyond, we learn the art of not creating ropes at all. Going even deeper, we are in a state where there is no question of a rope, for if there is, there is always an urge and its counter-resistance.

How do we reach that state?

I give you the secret, Prophecy, it's many-layered, so watch this closely and learn:

1. First, release your Self from your Self.
2. End your relationship with yourself. If you "love" yourself, there is the potential of the opposite in duality: the possibility of "hating" yourself. So will you one day love yourself, and another day be unforgiving? No; if you wish true liberation. At least with ourselves, we have the wonderful possibility to end relationships. Relationship take two. You are One.
3. Be one with you. Release your Self from your expectations and fears. You will immediately annihilate the ropes that others control you with.
4. And do this strange thing: release the Other from your Self. End all expectation, attachment, and fear! Forgive. Forget. And thus give yourself the chance to be rendered anew.

The Universe is destroyed and created afresh every moment. Only the Perceptive see this. When you die every moment, when you are released from the possession of your Older, Dead Self, then you are at liberty to watch the miracle.

I will next tell you an exercise...

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