Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pervez Musharraf


Pervez Musharraf is one of my heroes. This realization just became clearer to me again, as I undertook an exercise identifying my heroes and what I admire about them.

I don't know who else to share this with, so I am sharing this here.

I identified that I regard Musharraf deeply, despite disagreeing with some of his moves, including the Chief Justice fiasco.

What I truly, deeply respect in Pervez Musharraf is his decision-making.

  • That he can take decisions independent of how he will be seen, and still be attuned to "ground realities."
  • That he takes responsibility for his actions and decisions, and even for the actions and decisions of his team.
  • That he does not leave his ground and run, despite adversity.
  • That he is tender enough to have cared f women empowerment. According to the biography of Greg Mortenson, a climber who had built 55+ schools in Central Asias rural and mountain communities, Three Cups of Tea, Musharraf put his battle where his heart is, and sent the army to shoo off the ignorant militants who had bombed girls' schools.

[F]ifteen military helicopters flew in formation up the Daryle Valley, a haven of Taliban and Al Qaeda [...], hunting extremists who had bombed eight government girls' schools. Mortenson by then, had come to admire Musharraf, gratified to see that Pakistan's government was prepared to fight for the education of its girls.
-Page 309, Penguin Paperback Edition
Three Cups of Tea

{OK, let me go and get the notebook where I wrote all this.}
  • That he is knowledgeable and has foresight.
  • That he is a man of the world.
  • And that, he is a man.

I admire Musharraf because I draw strength from a mental image of him. I learn that in order to move with life, we have become aware, to balance out the truth of our situation, walk the middle path, take decisions every moment. That we aren't born to please or to gratify victims who control us, but to live our destiny. We breathe to do the right thing - not necessarily the good thing. I learn that it's important to be courageous than to be an all-appeasing goody-two shoes. We can never satisfy the world; the world is in a constant state of deprivation. We aren't here for the world, but for the reason of the creation of everything.

All this led me to wonder about my own weakness as a citizen of Pakistan: of how have I not contributed to the growth and development of my people and nation by entangling myself in lesser affairs? I believe that the entire Universe works at a massive scale which is immediately accessible to us all if we allow ourselves to see the beauty of Design - and then go with the flow. It is crucial to our existence to understand the meaning of our being. It simply makes our lives, "meaningful."

So. I wish to inculcate in me the best of the qualities of the people I admire.

Enough said.

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