Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Joy of Integrity

Ah, bliss!

There is lightness in integrity: which is a state in which we are living who we truly are, and aligned with the scheme of things. It happens by beginning to see things as they are; and then keeping oneself firmly flowing from moment to moment, living appropriately. Now I've highlighted that, because that's all there is to it!

I have to thank you, Prophecy, for having the courage to understand that your remedy is within you and your sickness is from you, and then taking appropriate actions. The path can be long and arduous if you set about to right all wrongs; and it can be instantaneous if you access the present moment completely and wholly - which is to say, be integrated.

Did you know the word integrity has its root in integer, which means, "a complete entity?"

Think of it this way: imagine your current moment as a photograph. What about a photograph in which the person being photographed isn't even there? Or they are looking behind? Or out of the photo? The best photographs have a comfortable subject involved in the situation. It can be a "happy," "sad," or "provocative" photo, but it is as it is, and such is the nature of integrity.

Integrity is not about happiness, but a deep sense of fulfillment is a result of integrity.

So even if you feel that you are unforgiving, thank you for knowing this. With knowledge will come light, and light banishes all darkness by the very nature of the two. Actually it is one, Light, and the mere absence of it.

  • Thank you for taking actions to eliminate from your life what you truly did not want or aspire for, no matter what the cost appeared to be.
  • Thank you for understanding that you are your first priority, and thus taking care of your very self.
  • Thank you for having the courage to say no.
  • Thank you for accepting that you are living your legend, and you have your own journey, and for prevailing on the path despite internal adversity.
  • Thank you for your kind to your self, for you acceptance of your flaws.
  • Thank you for you comfort in your self, for your acceptance of your gifts without being proud or occupied.
  • Thank you for letting go, and thus achieving reconciliation with the greater order of Being.
  • Thank you for en-joying.
  • Thank you for sharing joy, love, and knowledge with others. Perhaps I should not say this, for this is a product of integrity and not integrity itself, yet I wish to acknowledge what I can see, and wish that may Allah protect and nurture the results of our good deeds.

Our flaws are not to drive us insane, they are for us to gently acknowledge them... be un-pitying to them when they are controlling us, but be kind when we can do with kindness. In effect, it is all a form of kindness.

So, Prophecy, the life of integrity, and not any specific event or adventure is the true bliss of be-ing. What you have learned and what you have demonstrated now is also to set the course for the future. Use integrity within yourself and with your path as your guiding principle. Flow from moment to moment and remove the blocks of this flow by being honest without malice and bad intention.

The more you practice this, the easier, you will see, it will become. It is about taking off the dust off the lens of the torch that you are. There is light within you, which is also beyond your control (thank God!). What you control is only allowing yourself to shine.

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